LWF Kakuma


Learners celebrate the success of one of their own, Margaret Aguer who scored 400 out of a possible 500 marks in the 2015 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. LWF implements basic education (pre-primary and primary) in Kakuma Refugee Camp. © LWF Kakuma 2016

Introduction: This site aims at showcasing and highlighting the work done by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Kenya-Djibouti Program in Kakuma Refugee camp and Turkana West Sub-County as a whole.

LWF commenced its operations in Kakuma division, Turkana West Sub County more than 2 decades ago. The organization carried out emergency humanitarian operations in the refugee camp as well as development work in the host community. With this arrangement, LWF clearly understands the dynamics of working with and within both communities and has emerged as one of UNHCR and the government’s (national and county) key partner in the area.

Presently, LWF Kakuma Sub Program has UNHCR’s to implement activities for Child Protection & Youth Development, Basic Education, Community Services, Livelihoods & Reception Centre Management, as well as Peace & Safety within the refugee camp. Using funds from non-UN donors, LWF implements Sustainable Livelihoods activities targeting extremely vulnerable parents, guardians, foster parents and youth in both refugee and host community.

LWF has worked closely with donors such as Dan Church Aid (DCA), Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) and the Church of Sweden to improve access to clean water to the residents of Turkana West Sub County by drilling boreholes, construction of ferro-cement water storage tanks, installation of elevated plasic tanks and the construction of cattle troughs.

LWF is the only agency in Kakuma that operates an Accountability & Complaints Handling System which is open to both refugees and members of the host community.

LWF Kakuma is headed by Mr. Collins Onyango as the Sub Program Manager, having just assumed office effective 1st March 2016. Whereas the position of Projects Coordinator is still vacant, there is a strong 10-member Project Management Team (PMT) made up of experienced Sector Heads who provide technical expertise in areas such as Child Protection & Youth Development, Community Services, Livelihoods & Reception Centre Management, Education, Peace & Safety, Monitoring, Evaluation & Accountability, Finance, HR and Administration, Logistics & Procurement.

LWF Kakuma has a vibrant workforce of about 1,840 staff, 86.6% being refugee staff. Both national and refugee staff have their respective Staff Representative Council (SRC) that ensure staff representation in relevant forums.

LWF Kakuma is based inside compound 1 from where the staff commute to the different camps daily to carry out their humanitarian work.

Disclaimer: This is NOT the official LWF site, however you can access the official LWF Kenya-Djibouti page by clicking on http://www.kenyadjibouti.lutheranworld.org


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