M&E and Accountability

This is a cross-cutting sector that works with all other sectors to measure progress and impact of projects, ensure quality of service, accountability towards beneficiaries and complaints handling from the persons of concern participating in LWF projects in Turkana West Sub-County.

As a founding member of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), LWF is on the fore front advocating for the rights and entitlements of disaster-affected populations, regarded as ‘Rights bearers’. LWF is one of the ‘Duty bearers’ in Kakuma and has an obligation to offer humanitarian aid in the right quantity, of the right quality at the right time and at no cost to the persons of concern.

The M&E and Accountability Sector carries out a bit of direct implementation such as trainings on Accountability & Complaints Handling Mechanism as well as Gender mainstreaming. The Accountability & CRM staff working and living in the camp meet on weekly basis to go through the concerns/complaints raised by the community, document and forward the same to the office for resolution or follow up. The sector conducts awareness sessions which includes the use of the local FM station and Focussed Group Discussions (FGDs) in communities where LWF operates and this provides an avenue for feedback and information sharing with the community.

LWF provides the community with an opportunity to confidentially provide feedback regarding the services offered to both refugees and members of the host community. A toll-free SMS line 22128 is currently operational and allows users to send concerns and complaints, get feedback and even track the progress of their complaints using their mobile phones on a 24-hour basis. Complaints and concerns are also received through mobile no. +254 706 867 553 as well as walk-in clients who visit the CRM Office during working hours.

The sector has also been on the forefront in the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation & Abuse (PSEA) by conducting trainings and regular awareness sessions with staff and members of the community (including school children).

The sector also represents LWF in the Turkana County Accountability forum meetings usually convened by Transparency International (Kenya) and which brings together about 30 different international humanitarian organizations, the County government, NGOs and CBOs operating in Turkana for a peer review and benchmarking session.

The sector is currently funded by DCA, LWR, ELCA/ALWS and CoS.

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