LWF runs both Primary and Pre-primary education Kakuma, catering for a total student population of about 73,000 learners in 21 Primary and 11 Pre-primary schools spread across the camp. The figure includes about 23,000 overage learners (above the age of 14) mostly found in Primary Schools but who can never be turned away due to the Open Admissions policy which also allows learners to join school at any time during the school term.

The number also includes 1,006 CWDs (Children with Disabilities) who attend 6 SNE (Special Needs Education) units that have been adapted to cater for learners with various impairments.  The 32 schools have a total of 430 classrooms pointing to an average ratio of 167 learners per classroom which is way above the recommended 40 learners per classroom set by the ministry of Education. There are ‘only’ 605 teachers (92 Kenyans) for the entire learner population, equivalent to a ratio of 1 teacher for 118 learners against the recommended 1:40 set by the Ministry of Education.

The Education sector continues to improve quality and equity in education by enrolling suitably qualified refugee teachers in various professional courses ranging from ECDE, SNE and also Diploma in Primary Teacher Education which LWF hopes will transform teaching and learning in the camp schools.

Despite the challenges in attaining the education standards, the sector has been posting good results in the national KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) examinations with a mean score of 239 in 2012; 259 in both 2013 and 2014 followed by an impressive 269 in the 2015 edition of KCPE examinations. Kakuma Refugee Camp produced Turkana West Sub County’s best candidates in 2014 and 2015 both being girls.

The sector is mainly funded by UNHCR but also receives significant support from LWR, ELCA/ALWS, DCA, CoS and WFP.

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Learners at Angelina Jolie Girls’ Boarding Primary School busy in class. The school has about 250 learners and meets the minimum standards set by the Ministry of Education. © LWF Kakuma 2015

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A bright future – Every child in Kenya is entitled to basic education and despite the huge number of learners enrolled in camp schools, LWF continues making efforts to improve the quality of education offered to refugees in Kakuma. Annually, LWF sponsors 40 teachers for a Diploma in Primary Education offered by Masinde Muliro University, 20 teachers for ECD training by the District Centre for Early Childhood Education (DICECE) and 15 teachers for Special Needs Education (SNE) by the Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE)